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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ever been to an Apple Store?

I thought I really hated going into Best Buy stores, (and I still do) but today my iPhone started acting all wonky so I was forced to find my way into the Apple Store in the Gateway Mall down in Salt Lake.

What a horrible place! It was crowded, noisy, overly hot and had big screen tvs flashing Apple propaganda on every wall. I asked the expert that schedules the technicians if today was an unusually crowded day and he assured me that today was a typical day, nothing special at all.

I finally got to see a tech that advised me to take home and reset my phone back to it's original settings- which I did, and it is going to take me days to get everything setup the way it was before and so I can find everything. I'm still reloading the music and it appears I missed a step so all my text messages are gone forever- bummer.

On a more pleasant note, I did stumble into Dick's Sporting Goods and score several new crankbaits on the clearance rack.

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